Tech M&A: Exits & Trends

Across the Nordic Region.

The Nørdic Report

The Nordic Report will keep you informed. Our goal is to provide relevant records and decision-making tools to serve the technology ecosystem across Scandinavia. We seek to be a resource for technology executives and investors as they consider their strategic growth and exit options in today’s environment. Our contributors for data, information, and opinions are sourced from some of the region’s most respected organizations and individuals in Finance, Technology, and Law.

Inside the Nordic market:


Deal multiples and valuation trends across Scandinavia

Deal Flow

Deal volume numbers and trends across Scandinavia


Scandinavian buyer and seller origins by country and region

Nordic M&A Workshop

Topic: Things you can do today to prepare for a successful future exit
Speaker: Nina Seghatoleslami, Vice President, Client Services at Corum Group
Helsinki, 30-31 May 2018

Founder Interview
Sani Leino
Laurea ES

Founder Interview
Aleksi Partanen
CEO of Nervogrid

Investor Interview
Lasse Lehtinen
Co-Founder / CEO of Frontier Accelerator

Seller Interview
Lennu Keinänen
Founder of Paytrail

Notable Exits 2017





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